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Termux is an emulator and a Linux environment that runs on Android. An application that you can install on your Android device. After installing, you get CLI (Command Line Interface). So you can operate your computer by writing commands on CLI. Termux works on a Linux operating system. You can download Termux on your Android device or computer and run the command. Many ethical hackers also use Linux. You can also learn Linux Direct on your computer. Apart from this, you can also run a Linux environment with the help of Termux. you need to use android emulator to get Termux for PC.

You will find many terminal emulators on Google Playstore, but the most complete and most popular terminal emulator used to run Linux environments is Termux. One of the good things about Termux is that you don't have to root your Android device to use Termux. You can use the Termux application on your Android device without rooting. You can learn a lot inside Termux. With its help, you can learn about security and learn to hack.


Features of Termux

  • Access any Server Using ssh command.
  • Available bash and zsh shells.
  • Clang, make and gdb developed using C.
  • Use python console as a pocket calculator.
  • See projects with git.
  • Run text-based games with frotz.
  • Avaialble Nano and vim file editing.
  • Clang and GCC code compiling.

You can add different kinds of features and addons. You will have to buy some of these versions whose prices are very low. It has 6 types of addons which you have seen below.

  1. Termux: Float = The float addon provides a floating terminal. Allows terminal access to run while any application is running.
  2. Termux: Tasker = This addon provides an easy way to call Tasker easily and compatible apps.
  3. Termux: Widget = Provides shortcuts to run scripts and files placed in a folder. Allowing quick access to frequently used commands without typing.
  4. Termux: Boot = Allows programs to run under Termux when the device boots up.
  5. Termux: Styling = It provides colour full font and powerline to customize the Termux terminal.
  6. Termux: API = API Add-on Provides command-line access to the device.

About Termux



New Version 0.101
File size 18 MB
Offered By Fredrik FornWall
App Rating 4.3 / 5.0
Released On 30 Jun 2015

Let's talk about downloading and installing Termux for PC Windows and Mac. Termux is available only for android devices. Its official version is not available for PC Windows and Mac. But using an android emulator, you can easily download and use Termux for PC Windows 7/8/10 and Mac. in this guide; I will show some methods to download and use Termux for pc. Utilizing this method, you can easily get Termux on your pc, windows or Mac.


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Requirement for installing Emulator on PC

  • Install Microsoft above windows 7.
  • Processer must need intel or AMD.
  • Minimum 2 GB rams.
  • Updates windows drivers.
  • More than 4 GB harddisk spaces.

Download Termux for PC Windows and Mac

There are many android emulators available. You are a little bit confused about which one is best. Bluestack Emulator is one of the best emulators because people love to use bluestack emulators, and it's working very smoothly.


Here I will tell you how to download Termux using different emulators. Suppose you did not succeed in the first method download Termux for PC. So you have to use the second method.

Method 1: Download Termux for PC Windows

  • Download Bluestack Emulator from their official website.
  • After complete, Download installs bluestack on pc.
  • Now sign in or sign up with your Google account.
  • Click on the Bluestack icon, which you will see on your desktop screen.
  • Open google play store and search the Termux app.
  • Click on the perfect match and click the install button.
  • The installation process is automatically started.
  • Now you can use Termux for PC Windows.
  • termux for pc

Method 2: Download Termux for Mac

  • Download Nox App Player here without wasting time.
  • The download process will take some time because of Nox app player file size is big.
  • Now install Nox App Player on your Mac.
  • Click on the google play store, open the search bar, and search for the Termux app.
  • You will see many results; you have to select the right app and click on the install button to start the installation process.
  • After you complete the installation process, you can use Termux on Mac.

Now you know how to download Android apps on pc, windows, and Mac. You can also use another emulator for Download and Termux for PC Windows and Mac. all emulator installation processes are the same. Just size and work are different.

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1. Is using Termux safe?

Termux is a safe application. It uses a secure protocol of SSH.

2. Can I use Termux Witrhout Root?

Termux works with both version root or not root devices. So it doesn't matter your device is root or not. You have to make sure that you have Android devices.

3. Is Termux available for PC?

Termux official version is not available for PC Windows and Mac But using an android emulator, you can easily download and use Termux for PC Windows and Mac.


With the help of an Android emulator, you can easily download and use Termux for PC Windows and Mac. If you are an android user, you can get this app from the google play store. The android version of Termux is available from the google play store. If you like this article, share it with your friends and family.