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Nowadays, it's a digital platform world. Day by day increase it and also appear work decrease. The GoodNotes app is specially made for iOS devices. If you want to write a note on a digital notebook platform, you must try the goodnotes app. You can store unlimited notes on your devices with the help of GoodNotes for Windows.

Users can convert notes to document files and transfer notes from iPhone, iPad, and iCloud to Android devices. With the Goodnotes application, you can add handwritten notes to digital notebooks, and word processors such as word documents and Powerpoints. You can also import PDF document files. It is comaptible with tech accessories such as apple pencils, Logitech crayons as well as being a simple touchscreen. You can also choose your writing pen size, colors, styles. GoodNotes allow user will be in a function to interchange between the eraser, pen, and highlighter.


The software lets users save their notes directly on the devices. So your all notes are safe on the GoodNotes for Windows. you're not worried about your data. It's safe and secured. The app lets users create on-the-spot handwritten notes, search among notes, personalize messages, annotating PDFs, and organize, sync, and share notes. You can rotate paper as per your required. There are many futures to write letters and allow users to pinch, zoom out, zoom in, customize the book, and many more. Suppose you are an iPad or iPhone user. In that case, You can easily download the GoodNotes application from the apple app store.

Features of GoodNotes App

  • Hundreds of note-taking templates.
  • Written notes naturally like on actual paper.
  • Never lose your notes because this app saves your messages.
  • Import any PDF document or images.
  • Export files and share them with others.
  • You can quickly scroll pages between horizontal and vertical angles.
  • Mark your favorite document to access them fast.
  • You can write a note with an apple pencil, Logitech crayon, and your finger.
  • You can check documents side by side.
  • Customize your notebooks files.
  • Helps You Escape The Analog Paper Limits.
  • You can draw geometric shapes and lines perfectly.
  • You can search your notes across all your document store folders.
  • Better document management.

Download GoodNotes for Windows PC

Don't worry if you don't want to use the virtual box to download and install good notes on your pc, windows, and Mac. You can install good notes on a computer with ease by using an iPadian simulator. The Simulator is the same as the android emulator. If you use an android emulator already, you are very comfortable with the Simulator. Let's start downloading process step by step.

  • First, download the iPadian Simulator on your pc. You can download the iPadian Simulator on the official site, or you can also download it here.
  • Wait a few seconds for the complete installation process. You need to follow the screen instructions and set up a simulator on your computer.
  • Now open the Simulator and sign in with your apple id or apple account. You can also choose to sign up and create a new account.
  • Open the apple app store on your pc and search the goodnotes app on the search box.
  • You will see the search result, select the goodnotes app, and click on the install button.
  • The installation process takes some time according to your internet connection.
  • After completing the installation process, you can use GoodNotes for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac computers.

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GoodNotes for Windows

Alternatives of GoodNotes app

1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote software allows users to take notes on their mobile phones and sync them across many devices. You can access all sync notes anytime, anywhere, any place. It allows users to search their notes titles and get them quickly without any effort. OneNote syncs your notes throughout all devices and lets multiple people work on the content together simultaneously.


2. Easy Notes

Easy Notes is an android application. With the help of this app, you can easily note everything quickly. You can all make notes with colorful backgrounds and checklists to tasks and existence without any problems. It allows users to add images and audio sound on their notes and save them on devices storages.

3. NoteBook

This handy app application. NoteBook is available for Android iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux devices. With the help of this app, you can record voice notes with audio notes. You can scan documents and business cards. You can also attach PDF file documents, Microsoft documents, and many other formats of files or documents. You can format your notes using bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, align, indent, outdent, and text highlighter equipment.

4. WeNote

This note app is similar to others. But using the WeNote app, you can lock notes and to-do lists through PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint to protect private statistics. WeNote is a person-centered notepad. It's no need for any login or sings up process. You can add unlimited images to your notes. Also, you can choose unlimited colors and categorize or organize notes easily.


1. How do I download GoodNotes for Windows?

You need to download a simulator on your windows, and you will get GoodNotes for Windows. Suppose you don't know how to download the Simulator on pc. Then visit the above method to download and install Goodnotes for windows PC and Mac.

2. Does GoodNotes need an Internet Connection?

No, the GoodNotes App work without an internet or wifi connection. Just download the goodnotes for windows, and mac and enjoy using it.

3. Why is GoodNotes not available on Windows?

GoodNotes is not available for windows pc because the developer has not made the pc windows version. But it developed very soon. Don't worry about the windows version. You can download the iPadian Simulator on your windows, and you can easily download Goodnotes for windows.

4. How much does GoodNotes cost?

It gives the user to use some features without any cost. But if you want to use more features, you need to buy the premium version of the goodnotes app. Goodnotes app expenses $7.99 in the app store to be used throughout iPad, iPhone, and Mac formats.


With the help of the GoodNotes app, you can create a handwritten document and save them on your device storage. Also, you can secure your notes and even organize your notes. I hope you install GoodNotes for Windows, and Mac without issues. If you are successfully installing good notes on your pc, share this idea on your social media platforms. If you have faced any problem installing software on your pc, let me know in the comment box. I will try my best to solve your issues shortly.

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